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Wellness Collection

Deep Focus

Deep Focus

Introducing our Deep Focus candle an exhilarating blend that redefines the essence of enthusiasm. Like a vibrant burst of citrus, this candle sparks a refreshing wave that awakens your senses, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and eager. As the scent fills the room, it acts as a catalyst for clarity, helping you focus on what truly matters while the noise of the world fades away. Experience the revitalizing power of our Wellness Candle

Pure Plant
No Harmful
100% Vegan
Cruelty Free

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  • Experience

    Imagine the feeling of energy bursting forth when you catch the scent of citrus. It's like a refreshing wave awakening your senses, making you feel alive and eager. It clears your mind, helping you concentrate on what truly matters while everything else fades into the background.

  • Key Benefits

    •35 hours-long burn time & pure relaxation of mind, body & soul.
    •Handmade with pure & high-quality soy wax that melts evenly, without leaving any waste.
    •The fragrance promises a perfectly cosy ambience till its very last bit.
    •Packed with love and care in best-grade glass jar & a natural wooden lid, keeping the aesthetics in check.

  • Suggested Use

    •Remove all the packaging before you light the candle.
    •Burn the candle indoors and always within your sight.
    •Avoid heat damage by placing the candle on a heat-resistant surface such as an appropriate holder/coaster.
    •Try to avoid burning the candle for more than 2-3 hours at a go to prevent soot.
    •Keep your kids & pets at a safe distance from the burning candle.
    •Keep dust and debris off the wax pool.
    •Let the pool of wax cool down before relighting the candle.
    •Keep away from flammable objects.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Invigorating Citrus Harmony

This fragrance gives me a daily citrus boost that's just perfect. Highly recommended!

Aryan Malhotra
Invigorating Citrus Harmony

This fragrance gives me a daily citrus boost that's just perfect. Highly recommended!

Aditya Gupta
Unveiling Harmonious Citrus

Citrus delight that never gets old. Deep Focus is a daily mood booster.

Aarush Verma
Zeal Unlocked with Deep Focus

Enthusiasm in a bottle. Deep Focus has become a staple in my daily rituals.

Vihaan Malhotra
Rejuvenate with Deep Focus

Invigorating fragrance that adds a daily pick-me-up to my routine.